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Home Suite Hope fights homelessness by providing subsidized housing to an ever increasing homeless population in the Halton Region. Low income, single parent families need your support. Your monthly charitable donations make an enormous difference and save lives.

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Connie’s Story

Connie’s life was never easy. When she was only nineteen years old, her mother died and the family dissolved. Her father lived across various parts of the country; meaning family support was nearly non-existent. Later, Connie started a relationship and had two boys but the good times would not last long.

Setback after setback

Connie’s relationship turned ugly and abusive. She knew she had to escape it and she did, but unfortunately, life did not get any easier. She was a single parent struggling to survive. Her ex-partner rarely contributed to child support and hardly ever saw their two young boys. As a result of all the turmoil and upheaval, the boys developed behavioral problems. Connie also developed depression and struggled to cope.

Home is where the hope is

Connie finally received some good fortune when she was referred to Home Suite Hope’s (HSH) ReStart Halton housing and social services program. She and her boys were able to get a fully furnished, subsidized two-bedroom apartment. Finally, Connie and her young family had some stability. Now Connie had a chance to succeed. And she did.

A New beginning

These days, Connie’s life is back on track. Because of Home Suite Hope’s programming and connection with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Connie was able to effectively treat her depression and graduate from highschool. She now works as a personal support worker and is enrolling in college with plans to become a practical nurse. Connie is also an active participant in Oakville Parent Child Centre’s parenting sessions. Her sons’ behavioral problems have greatly improved. They are fully entrenched in the community and they are active participants in YMCA’s swimming programs. Without your generous donations to Home Suite Hope, none of this would have been possible.

How your monthly charitable donations help
With more parents and children finding themselves homeless, Home Suite Hope is helping more families than ever before.
Why not make a difference this Holiday season and make a charitable donation in support of the families that are helped by Hope.

• $25 per month means school supplies for a full year, or kids sports programs.
• $50 per month covers a family trip to the dentist twice a year and prescription medication not covered by OHIP. It could also help a child to take music, art or dance lessons, or allow a single parent to take a college night class to improve their chance of employment.
• $100 per month would help cover groceries for a family of 4, or annual transportation costs, medical support such as physiotherapy or counselling; or allow a parent to enroll in an online college or university education program to improve their skills.
• $750 per month helps house a family of 3, just like Connie’s for a full year!

How You Can Donate:

There are hundreds people out there in Halton region just like Connie who need your help right now. Learn more about how you can help Halton’s Homeless, One Family at a Time.