Help a Family at Home Suite Hope with Your Donations

Home Suite Hope fights homelessness by providing subsidized housing to an ever increasing homeless population in the Halton Region. Low income, single parent families need your support. Your monthly donations make an enormous difference and save lives.

Debbie’s Story, Finding Hope through Donations

Debbie’s Story
Debbie, a single parent with 3 children, came to Home Suite Hope having experienced a number of life changing, and financially devastating struggles. She was stricken with cancer and had gone through four grueling surgeries, including chemotherapy for 6 months and 25 rounds of radiation.

Setback after setback

As a result of the chemotherapy, Debbie became very ill with anemia. She was not able to work after her first operation. Because Debbie was unable to generate any income, she and her 3 children lost their home. Debbie looked everywhere for housing but her credit and depleted savings were seen as a liability.

Finding Hope
Fortunately, Debbie found Home Suite Hope‘s ReStart Halton program, which offered her a home on a rent geared to income. Now she finally had support, skills development training, encouragement and hope. Debbie was able to get back on her feet and triumph. She went to Sheridan College, earned a Social Service Worker Diploma and has become a valuable community member. None of this would have been possible without your help.

How your monthly donations help
With more parents and children finding themselves homeless, Home Suite Hope is helping more families than ever before.

• $25 per month means school supplies for a full year, or kids sports programs.
• $50 per month covers a family trip to the dentist twice a year and prescription medication not covered by OHIP. It could also help a child to take music, art or dance lessons, or allow a single parent to take a college night class to improve their chance of employment.
• $100 per month would help cover groceries for a family of 4, or annual transportation costs, medical support such as physiotherapy or counselling; or allow a parent to enroll in an online college or university education program to improve their skills.
• $750 per month will help house and stabilize a low income family of 3, just like Debbie’s for a full year!

How You Can Donate:

There are hundreds of Debbie’s out there in Halton region who need your help right now. Learn more about how you can help Halton’s Homeless, One Family at a Time.