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Home Suite Hope fights homelessness by providing subsidized housing to an ever increasing homeless population in the Halton Region. Low income, single parent families need your support. Your monthly donations make an enormous difference and transforms lives.

Linda’s StoryLinda's Story

Raising two children is a big challenge for most parents but Linda was a single parent doing it alone. She did the best she could but it was a constant struggle to provide for her two young children. Expenses kept piling up and there was no relief in sight. Worse, there seemed to be no hope. Linda desperately wanted to improve her skills so she could find a better job that would help support her family. 

Setback after setback

Linda knew college was the answer to her problems. A solid education would get her back on track. She needed a platform that would offer her a chance to succeed. But reality quickly sunk in when Linda discovered the sky-high cost of education. The cost of tuition, books, daycare, and traveling expenses were too much for her to contend with. College, it seemed, was out of reach for Linda. She became overwhelmed and did not know where to turn to.

Finding Hope
Fortunately a counselor from Halton Family Services had some good news that would change Linda’s life forever. The counselor informed her about the Homeward Bound Halton program. This gave Linda strength and hope – something she had not felt for a very long time.

A New Beginning
Linda is now looking forward to a new and exciting future. College was just the ticket she needed to kick start her life. Schooling would undoubtedly improve her self-esteem and allow her a chance to finally thrive. These days, Linda has a sense of pride and accomplishment. What’s more, she is the first person in her family to attend college.

How Your Monthly Donations Help
Home Suite Hope is helping more families than ever before through many of life’s challenges.
Help us give hope by donating today.

• $25 per month means school supplies for a full year, or kids sports programs.
• $50 per month covers a family trip to the dentist twice a year and prescription medication not covered by OHIP. It could also help a child to take music, art or dance lessons, or allow a single parent to take a college night class to improve their chance of employment.
• $100 per month would help cover groceries for a family of 4, or annual transportation costs, medical support such as physiotherapy or counselling; or allow a parent to enroll in an online college or university education program to improve their skills.
• $750 per month will help house and stabilize a low income family of 3, just like Linda’s for a full year!

How You Can Donate:

There are hundreds of Linda’s out there in the Halton region who need your help right now. Learn more about how you can help Halton’s Homeless, One Family at a Time.