Program Purpose:

  • Restart Halton works with homeless or inadequately housed single parent families;
  • Provides structured, goal oriented support;
  • Helps families gain financial management skills and increased earnings to live well, independently in the long term;
  • Enhances social and family functioning.

Family Program Model

Our ReStart Halton (RSH) family program assists single parent families by providing innovative, affordable long term housing accommodation, and support services that enhance a family’s capacities for improved social and family functioning,

Our Holistic Approach

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What Our Participants Say…

“I’m not your typical homeless person.” Jane grew up in England, studied biology and English literature and has worked internationally in theatre, including Cirque due Soleil. When Jane became pregnant, she and her partner moved to Canada. A second child soon followed and her partner went to Las Vegas to work. He never came back. “I tried to keep it together working and taking care of little children and was in this horrible fog. We were like three bags of garbage put out on the curb.” In hospital after a suicide attempt, Jane connected with Home Suite Hope. “Home Suite Hope has been a beautiful thing because it’s given me hope for being able to get my life back on track and with that comes two young people who also have a future.” Jane graduated from HSH this past summer having reached a completely new place of stability and serenity in her life, and is now living independently with her two young girls.
Jane’s story


ReStart Halton is a program of Home Suite Hope that has been made possible by a variety of donors. Visit our list of donors.