Home Suite Hope provides wraparound supports to single parent families in Halton Region that are experiencing homelessness and/or precarious housing. There are 3 main programs that are offered:

ReStart Halton

Home Suite Hope recognizes that it is difficult to focus on your goals for the future when you are distracted by your present circumstances. ReStart Halton is a one year program with the main goal to assist families stabilize and build a firm foundation to begin working towards their goals and self-sufficiency. Families are supported in various ways such as securing a rental unit, obtaining child care, learning of the resources in the area, and access to life skills workshops.

All participants enter into the Home Suite Hope program through the ReStart Halton program. Upon the 4th month of the program, participants are able to begin pursuing Homeward Bound Halton or may also choose to use the year to stabilize and then pursue other goals outside of Home Suite Hope.

Supports offered: Intense case management, housing rental subsidy, life skills programming, and community referrals.

Homeward Bound Halton

Homeward Bound Halton is an innovated program that is designed to equip single mother’s for the employment field by providing an full scholarship to complete a two-year diploma at Sheridan College and offering employment supports upon graduation. There are two streams of Homeward Bound Halton: Academic Training (AT) and Jill of All Trades (JOT)

Academic Training: is an up to four year program that provides a scholarship to complete a Sheridan College program on the Home Suite Hope – Approved Courses list. Many of the programs are focused on business, technology, finances, engineering and technician roles. Depending on the academic program, Sheridan offer’s their classes at the Trafalgar Campus (Oakville), Davis Campus (Brampton) or Hazel McCallion Campus (Mississauga). 

Jill of All Trades: is an up to four year program that provides a scholarship to complete the trades program: “Tool and Die Maker” at Sheridan College. The program includes a work placement opportunity to allow participants to gain experience and skills in the field. The Tool and Die Maker program is held at the Davis Campus (Brampton) only.

Supports offered: Intense case management, housing rental subsidy, post-secondary school scholarship, life skills programming, professional development programming, community referrals, networking opportunities, employment supports.