Monthly giving can make an immense difference to our ability to help singe parent families facing homelessness to stabilize their lives. Every dollar counts. In order to understand the importance of monthly giving to the overall operation of Home Suite Hope, below are some specific examples of how gifts are applied. (This list is not exhaustive, but rather illustrative).

Do you know Monthly-Giving-By-Generationwhat your monthly gift could support?

Look what could be accomplished in the life of one single-parent family for an entire year through monthly donations to Home Suite Hope:

  • Gifts of $25 per month could provide school supplies for a full year; or provide the means for a parent to enroll their children in community sports programs such as swimming lessons or soccer.
  • Gifts of $50 per month could ensure that each family member can go to the dentist twice a year; cover the cost of prescription medication not covered by OHIP or other medical plans; provide the means for a child to take music, art or dance lessons; or allow a single parent to take a college night class to upgrade their education and find a better job.
  • Gifts of $100 per month provide the extra support needed for groceries; cover annual transportation costs; provide the means for a youth or parent to receive additional medical support such as physiotherapy or counselling; allow a parent to enroll in an on-line college or university education program to improve their employability.
  • A gift of $750 per month will help HOUSE A FAMILY OF THREE FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.