Sleep In Your Car 4 HopeImagine having nowhere to sleep but in your car. We tried it. Home Suite Hope Board Chairman, Peter Kolisnyk, accepted our challenge to spend 7 nights sleeping in a car between November 15 – 21, 2016 to raise awareness and funds for families in our community who are homeless.  Many of those families, single parents with nowhere to turn, find help to rebuild their lives at Home Suite Hope.

Sleep in Your Car

Because on any given night in Halton there over 750 families who are homeless … many of these are single parent families! Does that matter to you? If it does, please get involved!

Learn more about Sleep in Your Car 4 Hope, and Peter’s incredible week trying to catch a few zzzzz’s while sleeping seven consecutive nights in a car.

After spending more than 50% of my entire day confined to a car for 7 days, I experienced a small taste of the feeling of isolation, of not being connected, and a new found appreciation of  what it must be like to be marginalized, outside of the mainstream, and trapped in a rut. Some nights were colder than others, and I liken sleep to a single position inside an MRI machine. My normal routine was discombobulated, and focusing at work was tough because of the lack of quality sleep.  I now feel heart broken for those parents and their kids who have no place to call home, and who live this reality 24/7.

Pledge to Sleep Out!
Join us in action by taking the pledge today to spend a night in your car for hope on Saturday September 23, 2017 at our upcoming Sleep in Your Car event. For more information about Sleep in Your Car, how you can volunteer, or become an event sponsor, contact Home Suite Hope at