The Blueberry Fields community garden is a completely organic garden with all items grown being donated to the single-parent families supported by Home Suite Hope. The community garden, which will grow everything from lettuce to corn, will use compost manure as fertilizer and will use natural methods for pest and weed control.

One raised bed has already been dedicated to local school children as their own space to grow whatever they wish.

Located at the Upper Oakville Shopping Centre (UOSC), organizers of the community garden are encouraging everyone to get involved in the volunteer-based garden program by digging in and getting their hands dirty.

If you, or your friends and colleauges can volunteer your time to assist with planting, weeding and watering, it would be greatly appreciated.

UOSC has begun the process of buying seeds and contacting local garden centres to get in kind donations. For more information about the Blueberry Fields community garden, please contact Home Suite Hope at

blueberry fields ground breaking

The May 2016 Blueberry Fields Community Garden  groundbreaking ceremony had a great turn out! Thanks to all of our local shops that helped, especially The Niblick Pub, COBS Bread, Cupid’s Gourmet Bakery, A Buck or Two and The UPS Store.