On behalf of Home Suite Hope (HSH), the Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and our Participants, please accept our sincerest thanks for your gracious and generous support. The commitment of giving makes a fundamental difference to the work that we can do in helping families facing the devastation of homelessness and we are grateful for your steadfastness.

Unfortunately, like many other Canadian suburbs, the Region of Halton is seeing the greatest increase in homelessness in single parent families. HSH is responding to this reality.

Your contributions go directly to the program service that we can offer our families, most particularly in the development of a highly individualized and holistic plan that is catered to the specific needs of each family. With your support, we are working with families to build a plan in which they can reach stability and move themselves forward with hope and dignity. Through the expertise of our program team, a highly integrated family plan is developed that leverages the skills of HSH staff, but also connects our families with all the best services within our community, including health, dental, counseling, employment, education, legal, parenting skills, childcare, communication skills, wellness, etc.

There are so many exciting ways that the work of HSH – and by extension your kind support – is transforming lives. Thank you again, so very much, for the support of our donors. We could not meet our mission and vision without you.

Leadership Donors (Gifts of $1,000+)


Joanne Peters and Michael Bowick

Janice and John Ghent

Ann and Glen Herring

Dr. Frank Invidiata (In Memoriam)

Christine and Dwight Lacey