Home Suite Hope would not exist were it not for the tremendous efforts of our Hope volunteers. Indeed, everyone at Home Suite Hope echoes the words of the famous anthropologist, Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” And the work of Home Suite Hope volunteers is changing the world here in Halton…one homeless family at a time.

Thank you to all our volunteers!


2016 Top Hope Volunteer of the Year Award

This year the Top Hope Volunteer Award of the Year Award is presented to Co-Chairs of Home Suite Hope’s Empty Bowls Committee, France Theriault-Martin and Gladysse Cristofaro.

Together the dynamic duo put in hundreds of hours to ensure the outstanding success of our 2015, 9th Empty Bowls event, while still generously donating their time to help with other events throughout the year.

Their professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment shine through, and their attention to detail brings Empty Bowls to a whole new level!

Co-Chairs France-Theriault Martin & Gladysse Cristofaro

Congratulations to our 2016 Top Volunteers of the Year!

France-Theriault Martin

Gladysse Cristofaro

2016 Hope Volunteer Awards

Most Dedicated New Hope Volunteer Award Youth Hope Volunteer Award
Program Hope Volunteer Award
Pat Broughton
Monica Meng
 Sharon Richardson
Pat began volunteering with Home Suite Hope in November 2015, helping to put together gift baskets for our “Bowls 4 Hope” holiday initiative.  Since then she has become a force to be reckoned with.  Pat has put in countless hours assisting our organization as a volunteer, including becoming the Committee Chair for our 3rd Annual Share the Hope Walk.   This included everything from recruiting and gathering donations for prizes and gift bags, being the entertainment and logistic lead, to hammer and nails construction of items for the walk.  Pat was instrumental in ensuring great success of this event. We are delighted to recognize our Youth Volunteer of the Year, Monica Meng, for her initiative and commitment to supporting our organization. Monica  volunteered with the 2nd Annual Share the Hope Walk and not only offered to help recruit students from her school on our behalf, but rallied over 40 students to sign up and volunteer. Monica volunteered to film our walk and create a ‘thank you’ video for our participants,

We are very impressed with Monica’s level of generosity, the kindness she had for others and willingness to help.

Sharon developed what has now become our Dinner 4 Families program. This meal program is designed to help the student moms during their first semester of college.  Every few weeks, Sharon and her team put in countless hours to shop, cook and prepare three and four course meals, which they then personally deliver right to the home of participant families.  The program is highly successful and has made such a difference for these time-strapped families. Sharon has also worked one-on-one with one of our families with particular nutritional challenges.

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