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SINGLE PARENT seeking support from HSH?

We are here to help.


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Increased rental costs in post - COVID era have made it

difficult for single mothers to find housing in Halton.


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Poverty is more than the absence of money; poverty is a repetitive cycle of inadequate resources that is often intergenerational (one generation to the next.) When you’re lacking things like a home, money, a social network and career opportunities, you’re missing the strong foundation needed to build a life. Home Suite Hope’s mission is to break this cycle of poverty for single parents and their children, giving them the foundation they deserve.

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Meet our staff, board and all the incredible volunteers who make HSH a reality.

Our Mission

Home Suite Hope unites a network of vital support services for our families on their journey from poverty to stability.

Our Vision

Lives permanently changed for the better.

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Bringing Hope to Our World

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