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Ready When You Are.

Stabilizing First Halton 

(Serving 18-50 year old single parents)

Stabilizing First Halton (SFH) is the first step towards your life being permanently changed for the better. This one-year program is designed to assist homeless, or precariously housed single parent families with a rental subsidy, goal-oriented intensive case management, an onboarding workshop, life skills training and wrap-around support. Parents are given the opportunity to take a moment, make a plan, and focus on the tasks at hand to stabilize their lives.   *Stabilizing First Halton is a preparatory program for the Homeward Bound Halton program. 

Homeward Bound Halton (HBH): an up to 3-year program obtainable after completing Stabilizing First Halton, that includes a housing rental subsidy, life skills training, college tuition, books, professional development, mentorship and employment support. The HBH program sees education as a pathway to gainful employment and seeks to support participants throughout their academic journey and in finding full-time employment. 

To take that first step, download and complete the attached Stabilizing First Application and Consent Form. All completed forms can be submitted by email to, “Attn: Home Suite Hope Application” 

If you have any questions about the application process or would like HSH to host an information session at your agency visit contact Nikkian Hanson-Daley at

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