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Ready When You Are.

Stabilizing First Halton 

(Serving 18-50 year old single parents)

Stabilizing First Halton (SFH) is the first step towards your life being permanently changed for the better. This one-year program is designed to assist homeless, or precariously housed single parent families with a rental subsidy, goal-oriented intensive case management, an onboarding workshop, life skills training and wrap-around support. Parents are given the opportunity to take a moment, make a plan, and focus on the tasks at hand to stabilize their lives.                  *Stabilizing First Halton is a preparatory program for the Homeward Bound Halton program. 

To take that first step, download and complete the attached Stabilizing First Application and Consent Form. All completed forms can be submitted by email to, “Attn: Home Suite Hope Application” 

Under 18? Ask us about our Homeward Bound Halton Youth Pilot program. It aims to support single, youth parents (17-24 years old) gain confidence, achieve independence and provide for their families. 

To apply to the Homeward Bound Halton Youth Pilot program, please download and complete the attached Homeward Bound Halton Youth Pilot Application and Referral Form 2023. This is not a self-referral application and a referring Community Worker must complete the required section. All completed forms can be submitted by email to, “Attn: Home Suite Hope – HBHY”. 

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