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Community Mentorship

It is crucial for marginalized populations to have access to role models. Home Suite Hope offers homeless single parents the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Our education and employment focused programs give the individuals in our program a chance to learn a new trade, improve their life skills and prepare for their return to the workforce with renewed hope of a better life. However, we all need encouragement and support to excel. Our mentoring program connects our eager single parents with community members who want to see them succeed. Home Suite Hope’s mentoring program started with its Homeward Bound Halton program as a means to helping students network and prepare for their new careers. HSH would like to expand this program and offer it to participants in both the Homeward Bound Halton and Stabilizing First Halton program. We believe mentoring – professional or informal – would help empower people by providing positive models and networking opportunities.

If interested or would like more information please contact

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