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Homeward Bound Halton (HBH)

(All participants must have successfully completed Step 1, Stabilizing First Halton to qualify for HBH.)

HBH is the first Canadian replication of Woodgreen’s award-winning program Homeward Bound in Toronto. It is designed to provide the opportunity to secure employment through earning a post-secondary education. This program is an up-to-3 year program with a full scholarship to complete a two-year diploma at Sheridan College. Employment support is provided after graduation and professional development training is completed to enhance important work skills. There are two HBH streams, (1) Academic Training, a course list developed through a market research study of employable programs, and (2) Jill of All Trades, a course list of employment in the trades sector.

Lecture Room

Academic Training

Participants can pursue a program from the HBH Approved Course List, which contains 19 academic courses that were selected based on a labour market analysis. Many of the programs are focused on business, technology, finances, and engineering and technician roles. Depending on the academic program, Sheridan offers their classes at the Trafalgar Campus (Oakville), Davis Campus (Brampton), or Hazel McCallion Campus (Mississauga).

Jill of All Trades

Participants are able to pursue a skills trade academic program like Tool Making, Welding, and Electrical. Historically, women are drawn to stereotypically gendered professions that result in the obtainment of precarious employment – low paid, without benefits, irregular hours, etc. The shortage of skilled workers in various trades has created exciting and meaningful job opportunities for women. Jill of All Trades is an attempt to give women not only access to education, but access to a profession that is in very high demand. Sheridan offers their classes at the Davis Campus (Brampton).

Construction Manager
Uplifted Youth

Homeward Bound Halton Youth (HBH-Y)

An up to 4-year employment-based program that is designed to support low income, single youth parents by giving them the opportunity to secure employment through earning a post-secondary education. Participants receive a year to complete foundational training and life skills workshops to prepare to enter into post-secondary school, a full scholarship to complete a 2-year diploma program at Sheridan College, professional development and employment supports, and a transition strategy once employment is secured. Home Suite Hope also offers participants wrap-around support by way of referrals, intensive case management, individualized service plans, and Life Skills programming, all while striving to cultivate a sense of support and community for the individuals and families that we work with. On a case-by-case basis, housing rental subsidies are available to participants throughout the program.

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