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Ted Ecclestone

Member, Finance Committee

Ted is the Executive Vice President, Private Wealth at Fiera Capital. He oversees the organization within Fiera that manages investments for individuals across Canada and has been with Fiera and a predecessor firm for 15 years.
He has lived in Oakville for 25 years with his wife who grew up in Oakville and the couple share three adult children and two dogs.
While growing up in London, Ontario, Ted’s mother was an active volunteer in the community and the family traveled to Moose Factory on James Bay, often in February, where Ted’s dad volunteered in the hospital.
While surrounded by good people and support himself, Ted is aware that luxury doesn’t exist to the same extent for everyone and for that reason wanted to work with Home Suite Hope, helping the participants in its program with advice or connections as they go through their journeys towards more stable lives.
Ted has been a member of HSH’s Industry Council and is now on the board. Ted believes it’s important to lend a hand where we can to help those people who are working so hard to improve their situations. That is what HSH is about to him, and why it is so important.

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