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2023: The Year of Turbulence & Tenacity

Yesterday evening Home Suite Hope hosted a rooftop barbecue to celebrate the single parents who graduated from their Sheridan College studies, to thank volunteers and donors for their continued support to make it all possible and to host its 2023 AGM and release its Annual Report 2023.

HSH Executive Director Sara Cumming presented the annual report and dubbed 2023 The Year of Turbulence and Tenacity.

“Life was exceedingly hard for many in 2023 and Home Suite Hope and our participants were not immune to these difficulties, but we all worked extremely hard to move through the year as thoughtfully as we could. The year 2023 will be remembered as the year of 'turbulence and tenacity,'” said Sara.

HSH’s Annual Report 2023 is posted on its website at in which its Financial Statement 2023 is also available. Read the Annual Report 2023

Please watch Sara’s presentation and learn more about HSH.

We hope you are inspired to continue connecting with us or to reach out and get involved with our mission to move single parents from homelessness and poverty to stability to effect change for families today and to break the cycle of generational poverty.


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