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A message from HSH Executive Director

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of announcing our graduates and thanking all of our volunteers after our AGM. We called 2023 our year of Turbulence and Tenacity due to the continuing economic challenges facing our most vulnerable community members, our single

mother participants. I continue to be in awe of all of the amazing people that surround us and keep us safe during these turbulent times.

Many of you know that I first came to Home Suite Hope in 2018 on a short-term contract to help with Program Evaluation while continuing with my full-time professor position at Sheridan College.

In 2019, I took on the role of Executive Director and am celebrating my sixth year in dual roles July 2. I love having the support of two amazing workplaces as I navigated these two demanding roles.

I am about to take on a brand new role in my personal life. My daughter, Maddy, and her

partner, Ben, are blessing me with my first grandchild.

July and August are my vacation months from my academic position and as such, the Board and

my amazing staff here at HSH have agreed to take on pieces of my role to allow me to take the

summer off to take a mental break from work, and throw myself into helping my daughter navigate


Catherine Villasenor our Director of Operations will be helming the ship while I am away.

Catherine and I will be meeting weekly to ensure continuity in strategy and programming. If

you need to connect with me during my time away please contact Catherine cvillasenor@ and she will connect us.

Have a lovely summer. Look forward to seeing you all at Empty Bowls!

- Sara


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