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Home Suite Hope Heroines at MUDGIRL Hamilton 2023

For Izabel,

In honour of all those brave warriors battling breast cancer.

Home Suite Hope Heroines/The Home Suite Hope Team


The Home Suite Hope Heroines were out in force Sunday, June 11 at MUDGIRL Hamilton 2023!

The weather was threatening, but it didn’t stop the team.

Staff, participants and supporters stood shoulder to shoulder as the team faced the muddy conditions presented in the 17-obstacle course. Nor did it dissuade those cheering us on, or supporting our fundraising efforts, that support means so much, thank you.

While joining the run for the second year in a row, we were taking part to support the fight against breast cancer – a disease that greatly affects women. The same women Home Suite Hope supports as single mothers journey from homelessness and poverty to stability.

As the team tackled the mud, members’ thoughts weren’t far from the fact that one of our staff has been tackling the insidious disease this year.

Izabel Rader, HSH’s long-time bookkeeper, has been conquering her own diagnosis of cancer over the past few months.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Home Suite Hope Heroines!



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