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Home Suite Hope's Empty Bowls is back for 2022!

Empty Bowls ticket sales are live!

In its 14th year, Empty Bowls, presented by The Taylor Group, brings the community back together once again - this time in person – Sunday, Nov. 6 at St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School.

Those attending will pick their hand-painted bowl and visit the various soup vendors – local restaurateurs – where the chef will fill their new bowl as they sample a variety of soups.

HSH’s signature fundraiser resembles the soup-kitchen experience of many who are homeless.

HSH, which assists families who are facing homelessness or who are precariously housed, has offered a virtual soup delivery model of its main fundraiser during the pandemic, but is returning to the popular in-person experience this Nov. 6.

This is Home Suite Hope's annual signature fundraising event with all proceeds going to its wrap around supports.

And while Empty Bowls is back, we are seeking community support – to purchase tickets, of course, but also for event volunteers as well as for Committee Members to help with the procurement of desserts, beverages and disposable spoons for our event. If you are interested in joining the Empty Bowls 2022 Committee, please email Katelyn at

We are also seeking help painting bowls for the event. If you are a corporate group looking for a community engagement opportunity or a local organization or a group of friends, please consider taking part in a bowl painting event.

We would like to thank Crack Pot Studio for its ongoing support of Empty Bowls and for coordinating the painting of bowls used at the event.

Every year, new bowls are needed for event attendees to fill with soups from the various vendors. From managing bookings, orders, painting, and firing of the bowls, Crack Pot Studio does it all and Home Suite Hope could not be more grateful.

Please support Home Suite Hope and our first in-person event after two years by purchasing a Bowl Painting Party, painting some bowls with your friends or corporation at Crack Pot Studio in downtown Oakville.

For information, contact Crack Pot Studio or email Katelyn at

Purchase tickets to Empty Bowls 2022.


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