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HSH's Krystal Valencia named a Top 30 Changemaker to Watch

Congratulations to Krystal Valencia, Home Suite Hope’s Director of Development, who is among 30 changemakers to watch as she was named as a health and wellness changemaker in RBC Future Launch’s 2022 Young Impact Leaders.

Entrepreneurs get a lot of praise for starting something new, and making big waves in the social impact world — and they should. But it’s also true that much of social impact happens through bold, incremental steps inside existing organizations.

Through implementing courageous and innovative practices, initiatives and policies from the inside, intrapreneurs are driving change in the social impact world. And they deserve celebration for their work. That is why Future of Good’s 30 Young Impact Leaders To Watch shines a light on what this tough intrapreneurial work looks like.

Krystal is among these 30 brave Canadian intrapreneurs, who are challenging traditional norms, mindsets and practices and pushing different ways of delivering social impact in five areas: Inclusion, Youth Engagement, Tech for Good, Health & Well-Being and Climate & Environment. HSH joins RBC in celebrating Krystal as a young leader doing this game-changing work, day in and day out.

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