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New faces at Home Suite Hope

Home Suite Hope has welcomed two new staff members to the Programs Team.

Nancie Wismayer is HSH's newest Case Worker while Khiara Rhoden has just taken over the role of HSH Life Skills Coordinator. Both are working with Interim Program Manager Nikkian Hanson on the HSH Programs Team.

Nancie Wismayer

Hi everyone! My name is Nancie. I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and dog and attending sporting events such as hockey, basketball and baseball.

I was born in Brampton, Ontario, but lived in multiple cities growing up and was raised by a single mother. I never had a stable home, and nothing was guaranteed. Fortunately, going through all these challenging times made me who I am today; someone who wants to help make a difference in the world.

I am grateful to be given this opportunity to get to know each participant while shedding light on the daily marginalization and oppression that the Halton communities experience.

I am excited to work with you and your family on your journey to stability.

Khiara Rhoden

Hello, my name is Khiara Rhoden, and I am happy to introduce myself as HSH’s new Life Skills Coordinator.

I am a soon-to-be Social Service Worker graduate of George Brown College, and I do not know where I would be without my strong passion for advocating for change and using my knowledge to help others.

As a daughter of a strong single mother who migrated to Canada from Jamaica with little to no assistance or support, I’ve always prided myself on getting involved in my community and providing the support I wish my mother would’ve had. With that drive and dedication, I will be the first child in my family to complete post-secondary education and obtain a college diploma. Thanks to my hard work and exploring new opportunities, I am VERY close to completing this milestone!

As someone who has always been the go-to friend for advice, helping peers locate resources, and overcoming my own personal adversity, going into social work was a no-brainer. I believe that we can all achieve great things through hard work and dedication and that each individual should be allowed to do so. My priority is to seek justice, advocate for change, and assist those in need. With my prior knowledge working in different fields such as criminal justice, direct support work and counselling, I can’t wait to bring people together and help build bridges to create change here at Home Suite Hope.

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