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Watch for Faces of HSH on our social media

Home Suite Hope’s social media focus in 2023 will see it sharing the stories of its Board members, staff, participants and supporters, including our Industry Council representatives.

HSH has shared these stories in its annual Faces of Home Suite Hope publications and is now bringing those stories closer to you through our social media.

Today, HSH Board Chair France Fournier is in the spotlight.

France recognizes herself as the 2023 Chair of the Board as well as HSH cheerleader. She has been working with HSH for more than 10 years though she is currently President & CEO of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce, where she has been employed half a dozen years.

After 18 years at a corporate job, France left, enrolled in a two-year culinary program at George Brown College and upon graduation worked at food shows, private cooking classes and catering gigs.

Having experienced unstable housing as a child, France knows first-hand the emotional effects it has on children - difficulty concentrating and anxiety, which can lead to long-term mental health issues.

Having stable housing is fundamental to a person's sense of security, says France. That allows you to concentrate on being a productive member of the community.


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