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Emma Jarratt joins Home Suite Hope Board

Home Suite Hope welcomes Emma Jarratt to the HSH Board.

“Welcome to the Board, we look forward to working with you, said Board Chair France Fournier.

Emma is an investigative multimedia journalist in Toronto. She holds a Master of Journalism from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) and a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton University. Emma is the Managing Editor of Electric Autonomy Canada and previously freelanced in print and broadcast, specifically concentrating on investigations, the green energy and transportation sector, conflicts and politics.

Emma’s work has been nominated for a series of national awards and has appeared in some of

Canada’s largest news outlets including CTV, the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and VICE. In addition to her professional skills, Emma has a wealth of personal experience and insights she

brings to her role at Home Suite Hope.

Born and raised in Oakville, Emma knows this community intimately. Now, raising her own children as a single parent in Oakville, Emma has a new perspective on her hometown and is keenly aware of the needs high-risk families have and where the gaps in local social supports are – particularly as they pertain to parents and children made unsafe by and fleeing domestic abuse

and addiction.

Emma is passionate about Home Suite hope’s wraparound approach that is tailored to each individual circumstance in order to provide constructive supports where needed, while leveraging

the strengths and maximizing the potential of each participant so they have the opportunity to succeed and achieve goals on their terms.

Emma is a natural problem solver and innovator and is motivated by the goal of making a difference. She is thrilled to be able to do so through such an impactful organizational mission. Welcome to HSH, Emma!


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