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Flight for Hope to raise $1M for Home Suite Hope

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Did you know that Oakville pilot Callum Wallace’s Flight for Hope will benefit Home Suite Hope?

Callum recently officially launched Flight for Hope. He is planning to fly his single engine airplane around the globe – raising awareness of homelessness and raising $1 million for Home Suite Hope.

Home Suite Hope was at the launch of Flight for Hope at the Burlington Executive Airpark on Sunday, June 26. HSH launched its own Affordable Housing Advocacy Campaign in conjunction with Callum’s plan for a round-the globe flight in 2023 to raise awareness about affordable housing and also raise $1 million for HSH’s affordable housing plans.

A late morning media launch was followed by several hours during which pilots provided 15-minute flights. Some HSH single parent-led families had a chance to get in on the flight fun. The day was a fundraiser. CHCH Television was on hand... see the coverage here:

For more about, or to donate to, Flight for Hope, visit www.flightforhope.

Check out the video on HSH’s Affordable Housing campaign

A word from HSH Executive Director Sara Cumming

We are thrilled to officially announce the launch of Flight for Hope, a fundraiser dedicated to expanding affordable housing options for Home Suite Hope.

Callum Wallace is flying solo around the world in a single engine plane to bring awareness to the issues single mothers face globally, with the goal of raising one million dollars towards HSH affordable housing.

Pre-pandemic, our Homeward Bound Halton program had been 100% successful in moving single mother families from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

One hundred per cent of our graduates left fully employed and maintaining their own housing. The inflation in housing costs has resulted in a dire situation where even our graduates with full-time employment cannot afford housing without some type of social benefit. Additionally, our families are remaining homeless for longer than ever before as landlords are engaging in purposeful bidding wars between potential renters--a situation that our participants are unable to engage in.

Affordable Housing is paramount to the success of our families and others like them.

- Sara Cumming, Executive Director,



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