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Remembering Bob Fleck

Goodbye Mr. Robert Iain Fleck

It was with great sadness that I received the news of Bob’s passing from his lovely wife Shelagh.

Those of you who know the story of how I became the Executive Director of Home Suite Hope know that I had trained as an academic and never imagined taking on any role outside of the post-secondary sector. It was with much angst that I took on this role and began the (now six-year) process of engaging with the community that surrounds the organization.

I first met Bob in 2018 when we were attempting to bring more awareness to the organization and

our mission. Fleck Productions came to us with the idea of producing videos from the perspectives

of our participants. At the time, Bob and I had several meetings about how his creative vision could

meet the needs of HSH. It was during this time that my great fondness for Mr. Fleck began and our

first of many collaborations was born, Home Suite Hope Journey.

Over the next six years Bob became one of my biggest supporters. He took an avid interest in

not just my role at HSH, but also my academic endeavours. He checked in on me regularly,

congratulating me on my work in Africa and my book publications and he always remembered

to ask about my four daughters and two dogs. He teased me relentlessly for my love of the

exclamation mark in an email and I believe got a little chuckle out of my smart mouth and quick-witted humour. In return, he boasted about his amazing wife and two daughters, sent me pictures

of his pup, and spoke in complete admiration and pride of his ‘older brother.’

Bob continued to reach out to see what he could do for HSH and was always coming up with new

video project ideas: About Home Suite Hope, Why Invest in Home Suite Hope, Our Supporters.

Bob loved to follow the trajectories of our participants and took a real interest in their successes.

He spent time this past year capturing the experiences of our participants with our rental supports

as part of our Affordable Housing Campaign and even flew to Prince Edward Island to catch up with one of our first graduates. Home Suite Hope and our participants were so lucky to have his support and advocacy over the years.

The very last conversation I had with Bob, he told me what a good job I was doing and how much he admired the work that I do. I was so touched and appreciative.

I only knew Bob through my role at Home Suite Hope, but I certainly feel as though I have lost a member of my own family.

Bob will be sorely missed by all of us. Much love and respect Mr. Fleck!!!!!!

Sassy Sara


Home Suite Hope shares the profound sadness of the family of Robert Iain Fleck as they mourn his death on April 2, 2024. Our thoughts and hearts are with Bob’s wife of 46 years Shelagh, his daughters Paula and Bea, and his brothers Jim and John and their spouses and families.

Born in Montreal in 1936, Bob had a 64-year creative career that included advertising, television producing and directing and corporate communications. Besides producing more than 1,000 national commercials in Canada and the U.S., Bob also worked with charities of every kind

supported by his brother Jim and the Fleck Family Foundation, with well over 200 promotional

videos – including those he made with Home Suite Hope.

A celebration of life to honour Bob will be planned for late spring when the flowers bloom, his

favourite time of year.

In Bob’s memory, his family notes that a donation to a not-for-profit charity or animal welfare/

rescue shelter would underline both the desire he had for helping people and the boundless love he

had for animals.



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